The Baroque Jazz Project CD


The Baroque Jazz Project CD

(2008 by Yaron)

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The Baroque Jazz Project is a unique blend between baroque themes and the world of jazz , it consist of 3 works that are written for Jazz trio (Piano, Contrabass, Drums) and an Orchestra.

Capriol Jazz Suite

Peter Warlock’s Capriol Suite for strings, was based on tunes from Arbeaus Orchesographie published in 1588. The “Capriol Jazz Suite”, While being a completely new arrangement of the same original tunes, was influenced greatly by Warlocks work. The choice of this particular suite was not casual, the unique baroque rhythms, the beautiful clear melodies, and the short and repeated musical forms seemed like the perfect material for development and improvisation.
within every movement there is an open improvisation section for the jazz trio.

The Well Tempered Unbalanced Piano

The inspiration for the work derives from the great masterpieces “The well tempered piano”by Bach.

Swinging Mozart

This work was commissioned by the Neues Kammerorchester Potsdam and the Raanana Symphonette Orchestras for the 250 celebration of Mozart’s birth, it is based on Mozart famous symphonies no. 36 and 40. The work has three movements: The first 2 movements are related to each other and together form one episode, connected by thematic material.

Works from the projects has been performed worldwide by:

• Portland Chamber Orchestra
• Vancouver Symphony orchestra
• La Cross Symphony Orchestra
• Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra
• Manila Symphony orchestra
• Nine gate Jazz festival (Beijing)
• Forbidden City Concert Hall
• Tallinn Festival (Estonia)
• Salta Symphony Orchestra (Argentina)
• Beijing Xinkongqi Orchestra (China)
• Uno Ensemble (China)

• New chamber Orchestra Potsdam (Germany)
• Jerusalem symphony orchestra
• Haifa Symphony orchestra
• Netanya Kibbutz Orchestra
• Israel Chamber Orchestra
• Raanana Symphonet orchestra
• Sounds in the Desert Festival
• Israel Chamber Orchestra
• Symphonietta Beer-Sheva
• Israel Festival
• Jazz concert series at the new Israeli Opera

All conducted from the piano by Yaron Gottfried

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