Pictures at an Exhibition for Jazz Trio and Orchestra


Pictures at an Exhibition for Jazz Trio and Orchestra

(2014 by GPR)

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Yaron Gottfried – Pictures At An Exhibition After Mussorgsky

The world premier was held in September 2011 with Yaron Gottfried’s Trio and UNO orchestra
from Beijing, and Wuhan concert hall (in trio version) and “9 gate festival” in Beijing

This remake brings a new revolutionary and contemporary interpretation based on the timeless masterpiece by Mussorgsky. It is presented as complete suite of 12 movements arranged, composed and orchestrated for Jazz trio (Piano, Bass, and Drums) and an orchestra of wind instruments, vibraphone, organ and strings ensemble.

The melodies and themes of Mussorgsky’s original version are dressed in new colors and inspire the creation of new forms for the jazz trio to improvise on. Each movement is approached differently (with respect) while it is being transformed into a live authentic encounter between classical and jazz, between written material and improvisation, while the overall mood of each picture as well as the naturalism approach of Mussorgsky is very much kept alive.

The Project is performed worldwide by:

  • Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra
  • WDR Funkhousorchester
  • Portland Chamber Orchestra 
  • Uno Ensemble Beijing  
  • Voice of music Festival Orchestra featuring Clarinet Legend- Eddie Daniels 
  • Netanya Kibbutz Orchestra
  • Raanana Symphonette Orchestra
  • Ashdod Symphony Orchestra 
  • Out of the Box Ensemble 
  • Beer Sheva Sinfonietta ( china tour ) 
  • Manila Jazz Festival
  • Nine Gate Jazz Festival 

The Making of the remake..
The idea of bringing the original work by Mussorgsky together with Jazz vibrated in my mind for few years now , it comes after I released another project ” the Baroque Jazz Project ” which has been very successful and performed in many halls and orchestras world wide. In my first china début concert in 2008 I presented part of the project at the forbidden concert hall .in 2010 I came back there and performed five movements of the remake of “pictures at the exhibition” as part of a complete program, the reaction from the audience and the manager of the forbidden city concert hall was incredibly good and I immediately received an invitation to come back with the Full complete work.

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