Yaron Gottfried – Compositions


Yaron Gottfried – Compositions

(2008 by Yaron)

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Yaron Gottfried’s compositions are an extraordinary expression of his diverse knowledge and experience in various genres of music. Yaron grew up in a musical surrounding, His father – Dan Gottfried is a leading figure in the scene of jazz music in Israel. As a result he was exposed from childhood to a wide variety of styles and genres.

Since early age he was trained to become a classical concert pianist. However, at the same time he was constantly experimenting and exploring the art of improvisation. His interest in recording studio works, computer music, synthesizers and sound design led him to manage his own professional recording studio at very early stages of his career which enabled him to keep and develop a profound knowledge in acoustic, sound, electronic music and instrumental music.

His music is intuitive and emotional yet intellectual and innovative; it is rich with colorful orchestrations, strong harmony approach and polyrhythmic figures.

Through the years he has been commissioned by classical music performers, soloists, conductors, ensembles, singers and orchestras from many countries. 

His works include: Symphonic works for orchestra, Concertos, The Baroque Jazz Project for Orchestra and Jazz trio, chamber works, orchestral arrangements, Jazz compositions.

Gottfried’s works have been performed by orchestras such as The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, The Neues KammerOrchester Potsdam(Germany) , The Santa Barbara Symphony , The Vancouver Symphony, Brazos valley Symphony, Salta Symphonico ( Argentina )La -Crosse Symphony ,The Berlin Soloists, Jerusalem symphony , Israel symphony Orchestra Rishon le Zion, Israel Kibbutz Orchestra among many others. He has been performed in international festivals such as: Israel Festival, Kfar Blum festival, Villa Celimontana Festival (Italy), Armonia festival (Italy), International Red sea Jazz festival, Vendsyssel Festival.

Gottfried is a fellow member of the prestigious MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire

1. Concerto for Two Marimbas and Percussion

1. Tornado
2.African Dance

“Percadu” – Tomer Yariv, Adi Morag

Israel Kibbutz Orchestra
Conductor: Yaron Gottfried

2. Double Concerto for Two Violins

3. Raga_dance
4. Serenade
5. Scherzo

Solo Violins: Gilad Hildeshaim ,Ella Vaulin

3. Concerto for E.Guitar string orchestra and percussion

6. Full Moon
7. Miniature
8. Stormy

Solo Guitar: Avi Singolda

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Menachem Nevenhuase

4. Transitions

9. Transitions

for large orchestra

Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon le Zion
Conductor:Yaron Gottfried

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