• Yaron Gottfried
  • January 8, 2018

Celebreting Leonard Bernstein’s 100 birthday

Bach – Bernstein 

The Israeli Opera celebrates the 100th  anniversary of Bernstein’s birth in a special concert featuring two of his most powerful liturgical pieces – the Chichester Psalms and the Jeremiah Symphony with a little Bach in between.

Bach – Maginifcat
Bernstein – Chichester Psalms
Bernstein – Symphony No. 1, Jeremiah
Yaron Gottfried, conductor
Ketzef Tali, soprano
Daniela Skorka , soprano
Nitzan Alon , mezzo soprano
Zlata Kershberg, mezzo soprano
Eitan Drori , tenor
Oded Reich , baritone

Omri Aizenbud, boy soprano

Bach – Bernstein

The Jerusalem Academy Chamber Choir
Stanley Sperber, conductor

Udiana Choir
Anat Aharoni, conductor

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  • Celebreting Leonard Bernstein’s 100 birthday

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